Sunday, 12 May 2013

The week in pictures

Before - 9am Bank Holiday Monday - what a mess Hugo and Pip have been
having a lovely time in the garden. They love digging holes too!
After - 10am Bank Holiday Monday - all nice and tidy, lawn mown (what's left of it) and holes filled in.

3 days later. Oh dear! The garden is still reasonably tidy but the hole is back, even bigger and filling with rain water. Think Hugo and Pip want another pond!
Hugo having a good old wriggle on the carpet. He is most ungainly when he is on his back and seems to get stuck - Pip looks on laughing!

Pip squeezing under the decking - Hugo you don't stand a chance!

Pip, that is NOT helping me do my Bible Study!

We're not really fighting - much!

We'll do anything for a treat!