Thursday, 26 July 2012

Feeling Better

Was woken up at midnight by 'a noise' and thought it was Hugo so went downstairs only to find it was Daniel & Remie who had just come in - Remie had bought a Frisbee with her and Hugo was having a good go at destroying it!

Got up at 6am and went to give Hugo his painkillers - they are ENORMOUS! Put them in a small cake (don't ask me how I know he likes them) and gave it to him. Cake crumbled, tablet fell on floor, tried scooping back up with more cake, crumbled again, Hugo picked up tablet, crunch, crunch, crunch, mmmmm nice, gone! Bit easier than Sid who could spit one across the room. Then took him for a walk along the canal and he seemed as bright as a button.

He is quite sore but seems to be coping quite well. He has even been playing shake-and-pull with one of his rope toys and has jumped up on the settee. Seems to perk up no end when given bits of roast turkey so think he might play the sympathy card when he can.

He seems more concerned about one of his ears at the moment so think he has got a grass seed in there - tried looking with a torch but he isn't very helpful.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hugo's Bad Day!

Hugo went to the V.E.T today to be D.O.N.E! He is now feeling very sorry for himself, as you would expect. He was also micro-chipped, had his nails cut and had a nasty tick removed from his face - he wouldn't let us near it.

He has sometimes gone lame on his back leg and holds it off the ground for a few seconds before continuing doing whatever he was doing so I asked them to check for hip  dysplasia while he was under the anaesthetic - the x-ray confirmed he had got mild to moderate dysplasia so we will have to watch his weight in the future. He is now 36.5 kg so has put on 2.5 kg since May.

When we went to collect him the nurse came down first carrying the largest plastic funnel you have ever seen to stop him chewing on his poorly places ( he had a cannula in his front leg as well which they had trouble getting in because he would not let them, hence rather a lot of blood!). He hasn't had to wear it yet as he has just slept since we got him home but I'm sure he will just think it's another flower pot and try and eat it! Cooking him some fresh turkey breast for his tea - time for pampering I think.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Going loopy!

Took Hugo for a nice long walk along the canal this evening - managed to dodge the rain clouds too. He was a total nightmare, pulling really hard as he was so excited but he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Met his friend Hooch, the 9 week old chocolate Labrador on the way home so had a play together for a few minutes. 

Hugo loves Remie and he goes absolutely crazy when he sees her - the clip is after she has been here for about 10 minutes and he has calmed down a bit!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Sparkling water

Couldn't believe it when we spotted Hugo guzzling the water from the fountain in the pond - perhaps he prefers sparkling water to still! Must taste a bit fishy though.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


The rain does not deter Hugo from going out for a walk so Martin has just got soaked taking him round the block - he likes playing with a chocolate Labrador puppy called Hooch and a boxer called Pepsi but he absolutely HATES Ozzie who is a mastiff cross - the feeling is mutual.  Funnily enough Sid couldn't stand him either.

After he came back from his walk Hugo insisted on going out in the garden where he had a long drink from the puddles on the patio and then found fresh running water coming out of the drain pipe - he has got a lovely bowl of fresh clean water in the house - honest!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Daniel bought Hugo a treated bone today. It was all but gone in about 20 minutes - makes you realise what damage he could do if he really put his mind to it.

Toby and I were in the shed earlier and Hugo came in with us - couldn't believe it when he climbed up on the coffee table and just stood there! (should explain the shed is kitted out with sofa, chairs and a wood-burner).

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Going swimming!

Drying off!
Daniel took Hugo down the Meadows this afternoon - Hugo stood on the edge of the river bank which gave way beneath him and he fell in the water. He had to be hosed off when he got home as he was covered in mud. 

Trouble is, Hugo doesn't like towels or hair dryers and would rather dry off by sitting on someone's lap, thank you very much!

House smells of wet dog now, lovely!

Of course, Hugo isn't allowed on the sofa!

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Brushed Hugo with the Furminator this morning - this might look like a lot of hair but it is only a fraction of what has been coming off him!  Hopefully, he is coming to the end of his moult.

Had to keep chasing him round as he wasn't too keen but he looks a lot sleeker now. 

Toby want to know why the hair is grey when Hugo is brown and white.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hair & Harness

Well, it's been over a week now since I last posted on here - not because Hugo has been super-good but more because he hasn't done anything different from normal!

Hugo is having a major 'blow' at the moment - actually it's more like a full scale hurricane with a bit of tornado thrown in for good measure. There is white hair everywhere - black trousers are out of the question as they just act like a magnet. Was very impressed, though, by one purchase we made last weekend on the recommendation of Marie from the Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust. It is a special comb called a Furminator and it's absolutely brilliant - you gently pull it over Hugo's coat and simply handfuls of undercoat come out, so reducing the need to hoover from every five minutes to ten! Why didn't anyone tell me about it when we had Sid?

At the same time we bought a new harness to try and stop Hugo pulling when we walk him and it seems to be working quite well - we have got a Haltie that goes over his nose but he keeps pawing at it and gets it off. There is a sort of handle in the middle of his back which you can grab hold of if he starts to pull towards another dog so you have much more control which is great.

Daniel has been home this week so has been walking him every day and Hugo is looking a bit slimmer because of it. Unfortunately, it means I don't walk him when I get home so it's having the opposite effect on me!

Another one bites the dust!
We also bought him a new teddy this weekend - a proper one for dogs - it's done quite well and lasted 5 days but it's stuffing has now joined Hugo's hair on the carpet! Think a trip to the charity shop is in order.

I am now officially a co-ordinator for the Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust dealing with new dogs wanting re-homing  - question is, am I strong enough not to give in to those big brown eyes if one (or two, or three) is desperate for a new home? Think Hugo would love it if we did but I might just have to get a divorce first!!!