Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hugo's First Bus Ride!

Daniel & Remie took Hugo for a walk to town today and then came home on the bus - it cost them 80p for his fare so think he counts as a child. He looks quite at home here but not so sure what the other passengers thought.

Can't help wondering what state the seat was in when he got off as everywhere he touches at the moment is covered in white hair - Akita people refer to this as 'blowing'!

Apparently the bus driver was really interested - all the drivers at the depot had been looking at Hugo whilst they were waiting at the bus stop and were having bets as to what breed he was.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


This morning I suddenly spotted that Hugo had a tick just beside his eye - it didn't seem to bother him at all until we started approaching him with a pair of tweezers! He managed to wrinkle his face up every time we went near him and hide it in the folds of his skin - he wasn't in the least bit aggressive when we held him down but he was VERY STRONG and two of us couldn't hold him.

I had seen something recently about ticks and fleas on the Akita Rescue & Welfare forum so posted on there asking if anyone had used Lavender or citronella oil as I'd heard both could be used on dogs. After a few minutes I had several replies with a variety of suggestion - they really are a friendly bunch on there - so the first thing I tried was putting liquid soap over the tick and leaving for an hour. This didn't seem to work so we went out to buy a tick remover which we couldn't get and some lavender oil. The pet shop recommended smothering Vaseline over the beastie and leaving for 24 hours.

When we got home I duly plastered the tick with the Vaseline and put some Lavender oil drops on the back of Hugo's neck and above his tail. We then went off for our usual walk and were out for over an hour. Suspect is was probably along the canal where he picked it up from in the first place so will have to be careful in future.

When I went to check on the tick it had gone!! Don't know what it was that worked but something did and all natural products too.

Added Bonus - Hugo now smells quite good, if a little bit like an old lady, and I keep getting wafts of lavender rather than the usual windy smells he emits! 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Growing Up

Hugo actually started cocking his leg today - admittedly not very high but his foot was definitely off the ground. Thought he was going to wee like a girl forever!!

He really is the nosiest dog going - here he is looking out of our bedroom window because the neighbour opposite had visitors!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Come on Mum!

Come on Mum, I'm ready to go for a walk - hurry up!

Got home from work this afternoon to find Hugo being sick in the garden and a very dazed looking frog sitting near by so suspect he'd tried to make it play with him!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Monday, 18 June 2012

Walking with Tinker

Got home from work today to find Hugo had been playing with Martin's shoes - I've been nagging at him for years not to leave them down the side of the chair so perhaps he'll start putting them away now - thanks Hugo! Fortunately, no damage done.

When I was clearing up the debris I spotted a squished red thing in the carpet and realised it was the one and only strawberry from the tub in the garden. Only yesterday Daniel had laid claim to it as it wasn't quite ready. Obviously Hugo thought different!.

Went for a nice walk with Jenny and Tinker tonight, along the canal, down the cycle track and back over the cricket pitch. Tinker has always gone slightly loopy when she gets on the pitch and tears backwards and forwards. Not to be outdone Hugo joined in too and Jenny and I ended up being tied to each other and could hardly stand for laughing so much. They had a wonderful time and we will definitely take them there again. On the way home Hugo found every gap he could to get down the bank to the canal to have a drink so think Tinker wore him out - probably not for long though.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Getting a bit naughty now!

Hugo is getting a bit of a handful when he's out walking now and is pulling quite badly on the lead so we have bought a Haltie collar which had improved him no end.

He was rather naughty yesterday and ate a pair of my sandals - someone forgot to shut the bedroom door when we went out - fortunately they were an old pair! How can you be cross when you see that face though?

The flowerpots now seem to live in his toy box and I removed 9 from the living room yesterday! I have given up trying to have a nice garden this year - less stressful and hopefully he'll grow out of it by next year.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Playing and Walking

Hugo is the most loving natured dog and likes nothing better than to sit along side you and be cuddled - he is very playful, as our house can bear testimony to, the front doormat is being re-shaped on a daily basis - he has a passion for flowerpots and doesn't care if anything is growing in them if he wants to play with them!

Next door have three children and we have always been plagued by their footballs coming over the fence but Hugo has sorted that problem out by ripping them up as soon as they come over - funnily enough he has several footballs of his own which he dribbles about the garden but has never damaged at all.

Hugo is now enjoying 3-4 walks a day and is very happy to meet new dog friends. Today I walked for the first time with my next door neighbour and her Jack Russell, Tinker - we used to walk daily with them with Sid, our old dog. He was overjoyed to see her and kept batting at her and leaping all around. We went for a nice walk along the canal and they seem to be getting on well so hope it continues.

One of Hugo's favourite toys is a bit of old carpet that he loves to shake and pull strands out of. He is also very partial to drinking out of one of the water features on the decking. We have to keep topping this up all the time otherwise it makes a strange burring sound!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hugo is Ours!

Just had an email from the Akita Rescue & Welfare people to say we have been passed to adopt Hugo! Immediately sent off payment for £150 (the AR&W fee) and completed and returned the adoption papers.

Didn't think he was going anywhere else fast anyway.

Oh, Happy Day!!