Monday, 18 June 2012

Walking with Tinker

Got home from work today to find Hugo had been playing with Martin's shoes - I've been nagging at him for years not to leave them down the side of the chair so perhaps he'll start putting them away now - thanks Hugo! Fortunately, no damage done.

When I was clearing up the debris I spotted a squished red thing in the carpet and realised it was the one and only strawberry from the tub in the garden. Only yesterday Daniel had laid claim to it as it wasn't quite ready. Obviously Hugo thought different!.

Went for a nice walk with Jenny and Tinker tonight, along the canal, down the cycle track and back over the cricket pitch. Tinker has always gone slightly loopy when she gets on the pitch and tears backwards and forwards. Not to be outdone Hugo joined in too and Jenny and I ended up being tied to each other and could hardly stand for laughing so much. They had a wonderful time and we will definitely take them there again. On the way home Hugo found every gap he could to get down the bank to the canal to have a drink so think Tinker wore him out - probably not for long though.