Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Playing and Walking

Hugo is the most loving natured dog and likes nothing better than to sit along side you and be cuddled - he is very playful, as our house can bear testimony to, the front doormat is being re-shaped on a daily basis - he has a passion for flowerpots and doesn't care if anything is growing in them if he wants to play with them!

Next door have three children and we have always been plagued by their footballs coming over the fence but Hugo has sorted that problem out by ripping them up as soon as they come over - funnily enough he has several footballs of his own which he dribbles about the garden but has never damaged at all.

Hugo is now enjoying 3-4 walks a day and is very happy to meet new dog friends. Today I walked for the first time with my next door neighbour and her Jack Russell, Tinker - we used to walk daily with them with Sid, our old dog. He was overjoyed to see her and kept batting at her and leaping all around. We went for a nice walk along the canal and they seem to be getting on well so hope it continues.

One of Hugo's favourite toys is a bit of old carpet that he loves to shake and pull strands out of. He is also very partial to drinking out of one of the water features on the decking. We have to keep topping this up all the time otherwise it makes a strange burring sound!