Thursday, 26 July 2012

Feeling Better

Was woken up at midnight by 'a noise' and thought it was Hugo so went downstairs only to find it was Daniel & Remie who had just come in - Remie had bought a Frisbee with her and Hugo was having a good go at destroying it!

Got up at 6am and went to give Hugo his painkillers - they are ENORMOUS! Put them in a small cake (don't ask me how I know he likes them) and gave it to him. Cake crumbled, tablet fell on floor, tried scooping back up with more cake, crumbled again, Hugo picked up tablet, crunch, crunch, crunch, mmmmm nice, gone! Bit easier than Sid who could spit one across the room. Then took him for a walk along the canal and he seemed as bright as a button.

He is quite sore but seems to be coping quite well. He has even been playing shake-and-pull with one of his rope toys and has jumped up on the settee. Seems to perk up no end when given bits of roast turkey so think he might play the sympathy card when he can.

He seems more concerned about one of his ears at the moment so think he has got a grass seed in there - tried looking with a torch but he isn't very helpful.