Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Yesterday Hugo was so excited to see me when I got home from work he bought me the brand new sat-nav with only a few holes in the leather pouch - fortunately the sat-nav itself was fine! I took it off him and he immediately leapt on the kitchen towel and bought that to me instead - just remember he is terrified of towels! He had also had a go at digging up Daniel's vegetable bed again.

Today I got home to find Hugo between the front door and the child gate standing on a chewed up door mat and holding one of Remie's shoes in his mouth - he had managed to pull the gate towards him and get through it. In the living room was one of my slippers, amongst the debris of his toy box and the flowerpots from the garden. I went upstairs to see what else he had done, found Martin's pillow on the floor with his pyjamas alongside and one of his shoes across the room. A magazine had been ripped to shreds, my other slipper had had a bobble chewed off and one of my pens was in bits. I then found an empty toilet roll holder on the landing so checked the bathroom to see if he had emptied the bin - there were reams of toilet paper hanging from the roll in use with chew marks in them. Trouble is, he is so excited to see me it is very hard to get angry with him.

I then took him in the car to go and pick up Toby from college and walked him round the park before Toby came out - he was a nightmare pulling on the lead wanting to go and play with all the other dogs in the park. Won't be going there again in a hurry. I've been trying to get him into dog training classes but everyone seems full until mid-late September so I will have to have a go at some lessons in the garden I think.