Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bad Drinking Habits

It wasn't me - honest!
Pictures a bit blurry - he was going wild at the time!

Last night we had all gone to bed and were just settling down for the night when there was suddenly a very loud splashing sound. Toby shot out of his bedroom to see what the noise was - I couldn't stop laughing as I knew exactly what it was. Yes, Hugo was drinking out of the toilet!! 

When I got up at about 5.30am this morning (it's an age thing!) Hugo was fast asleep on the landing with a brand new toilet roll, slightly soggy and squashed, alongside him - think he wanted it for a pillow!

Needless to say the toilet lid stays down from now on and the new toilet rolls are out of reach!

Hope to take Hugo to dog training classes this week so will see if we can start to gain some control!