Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paws in the Park

Hugo laying claim to Kiri, with Obi behind, Inca in front and Pip.

On Sunday we had a fantastic time at Paws in the Park in Birmingham and met up with lots of people from the Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust. The weather was pretty good apart from an odd shower so a good time was had by all. There were all sorts of doggy themed stands with lots of other rescue people there too.

Hugo met up with Obi, Kiri, Anouk, Tia, Inca and Pip and they all behaved themselves very well. It was very funny when Hugo wouldn't let Obi go near Kiri (who live together) as he wanted Kiri for himself. Think he might be a bit of a ladies man (don't think he knows what his operation was for the other week!).

A perfect match don't you think?
Even funnier was when Hugo was suddenly spotted relieving himself - against Martin's leg! Fortunately he only got the shoe (better luck next time Hugo!). It was the middle of the park with no trees or posts close by so what else could the poor boy do!

Could this be Hugo's new sister?

We also got to see Pip and we were thrilled to find that Hugo took to her very well - could this be his new little sister?!! Only time will tell.

When we travel in the car Hugo normally likes to stand up and look through the windows to see where he is going. Not today! He lay down on the back seat and slept all the way home. He slept all evening and all night and pretty much all of Monday too! Think a little playmate would be quite a good idea - would the destruction be better or worse?