Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hair & Harness

Well, it's been over a week now since I last posted on here - not because Hugo has been super-good but more because he hasn't done anything different from normal!

Hugo is having a major 'blow' at the moment - actually it's more like a full scale hurricane with a bit of tornado thrown in for good measure. There is white hair everywhere - black trousers are out of the question as they just act like a magnet. Was very impressed, though, by one purchase we made last weekend on the recommendation of Marie from the Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust. It is a special comb called a Furminator and it's absolutely brilliant - you gently pull it over Hugo's coat and simply handfuls of undercoat come out, so reducing the need to hoover from every five minutes to ten! Why didn't anyone tell me about it when we had Sid?

At the same time we bought a new harness to try and stop Hugo pulling when we walk him and it seems to be working quite well - we have got a Haltie that goes over his nose but he keeps pawing at it and gets it off. There is a sort of handle in the middle of his back which you can grab hold of if he starts to pull towards another dog so you have much more control which is great.

Daniel has been home this week so has been walking him every day and Hugo is looking a bit slimmer because of it. Unfortunately, it means I don't walk him when I get home so it's having the opposite effect on me!

Another one bites the dust!
We also bought him a new teddy this weekend - a proper one for dogs - it's done quite well and lasted 5 days but it's stuffing has now joined Hugo's hair on the carpet! Think a trip to the charity shop is in order.

I am now officially a co-ordinator for the Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust dealing with new dogs wanting re-homing  - question is, am I strong enough not to give in to those big brown eyes if one (or two, or three) is desperate for a new home? Think Hugo would love it if we did but I might just have to get a divorce first!!!