Saturday, 13 July 2013

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Toby & 'Baby' Pip!
On Selsley Common

Well, summer seems to have finally arrived but now we are moaning it's far too hot! Miss Pip generally likes to lie in any patch of sun she can find, or failing that, in front of the fire but this week even she has surrendered to the heat and stays in the shade for most of the day. Poor Hugo is really feeling it, with his coat only half blown he is still wearing his winter woollies - albeit, gradually shedding them all over the carpets, beds, sofa's and generally anywhere he walks in a cloud of fur balls all round him! It is worst in the car when you drive along with the windows open as they become airborne and you get mouthfuls of the stuff - and that's without him in there. When he is in it it doubles the effect and combines with slobber drips down your neck - lovely!

We have really cut down on the walks this week as it is just too warm for them (and us) but Toby and I had a beautiful walk on Tuesday night when we took them up on to Selsley Common at 10 o'clock at night. The light was almost gone but it was wonderfully cool with not a soul in sight which made it even better as they were not pulling after other dogs. It was almost eerily quite - until one of the cows up there suddenly mooed which startled Pip and put Hugo in to stealth mode. As the herd were all lying down we managed to wind our way through them without too much disturbance, although Hugo still wanted to challenge them. Miss Pip was suddenly extremely well behaved and walked very closely to heel between Toby and me. She did, however, like the fact that the birds had settled on the ground for the night so she ALMOST managed to catch one.
Only Sainsbury's best will do!

Mmmm, Icecream!
Pip protecting Hugo from the big scarry fan!

Hugo and Pip have been keeping cool this week with doggie lollies - home-made chicken stock frozen in old plastic Chinese take-away cartons - and the remains of any ice-cream we have been eating. We have also been using the fans and the first time one was switched on saw Hugo bolt out the door in horror with the same reaction he has with hoovers and hair-dryers  Pip was unfazed and soon lay down in front of it and, fortunately, Hugo soon realised the benefits. After a bit of investigation (see the clip down the page) he now lies happily in front of the cool breeze, although whether it is coincidence or not,  Pip is usually between him and the fan!

Several nights this week we have left the back door open so Hugo and Pip can lie out on the patio until they want to come in - Pip normally comes straight up with us but Hugo will stay out there for an hour or so. He also likes to hang out the bedroom window, especially if Toby or Daniel are still out, and frightened us to death the other night when he suddenly barked very loudly and deeply at something, a cat we suspect, until I made him get down. He lay straight down but I was very much aware of dogs all down the road barking in response, ooops!

First encounter with the fan