Saturday, 1 March 2014

Beauty Parlour Time!

Hugo before
Eight o'clock this morning saw Hugo, Pip and I walking across Selsley Common on a beautiful, crisp, sunny day along with all the other early dog walkers around Stroud. There seemed to be groups of people standing around all over the place so I picked our route carefully to avoid any confrontations but needn't have worried. We saw a German Shepherd, two greyhounds (one with three legs) and several spaniels - all off lead but all beautifully behaved and ignored us totally which resulted in a very pleasant walk.

Pip before
The reason for the early start was to let Hugo and Pip do what they had to before we took them over to Pets at Home at Gloucester where they were booked in for a grooming session. They have never been to a groomers before so we had no idea how they would behave, nor have we left them with anyone else apart from the vets and we all know what they (Pip is particular) think about that! They aren't particularly keen when we brush them so we thought we would let the experts have a go especially as they seem to have been blowing for weeks.

Hugo after
We arrived in plenty of time and after explaining certain traits - Hugo's hip dysplacia which makes him a little tender over his hips sometimes and also his phobia about baths, towels and hairdryers, and Pip's slight separation anxiety we left them in the hands of two lovely young girls. Hugo and Pip went straight through hardly looking back at us - it was like leaving your child on their first day of school. We were told they would be at least three hours so off we went to do some shopping in Gloucester.

Pip after
One and a half hours later I noticed I had a missed call on my mobile so phoned back thinking the worst - perhaps they had been a nightmare and couldn't be done or were upset at being left. Not so, they just wanted to to say they were ready! We arrived back to be greeted by a room filled with fluff billowing all over the place, escaping into the main part of the store as soon as the door was opened. There they were, all fluffed up, sparklingly clean and very pleased to see us (Pip being her usual vocal self and Hugo standing with his feet up on the counter to get to us). They had been very well behaved and had even let the girls clip their nails which they haven't let us get near lately. Apparently Hugo had done the usual Akita thing of leaning although this happened to be against Pip on the table and neither of them batted an eyelid when two Jack Russells came in to have their nails clipped. Think I need to adopt these two girls!! As we left the store I kept seeing wisps of hair floating around that huge store so think there will be evidence of Hugo and Pip's visit for some time.
Squeaky clean!

The reason for all this pampering and preening is for a very special event. Once again, Hugo and Pip have been invited to Crufts on the Akita Rescue and Welfare stand next Sunday (9th March) to represent the Trust and to promote rescues. So, if anyone is coming to Crufts on the big, final day when the Champion is selected, then do look out for us.