Saturday, 26 April 2014

Housework and Squeaky toys!

Pip has just spotted a bird on the fence!
The walls and doors in our hall were pebble-dashed with dried on drops of muddy water from where Hugo and Pip shake themselves when they come in when is has been raining so I have spent most of the morning washing everything down and making it more presentable. I had just finished cleaning all the panes of glass in the living room door (which were disgustingly covered in dog nose slobber) when I realised Miss Pip was helping me by busily licking all the ones I had just done - thanks Pip!

Chilling on a sunny day
Hugo has an itchy nose!
Last week I bought Hugo and Pip a couple of new toys - a pink snorting pig and an orange squeaky orang-utan. Although the pig has taken quite a bit of punishment it is the orang-utan which is the coveted prize, mainly, I think,  because it takes hardly any pressure at all to make it squeal very loudly! Hugo definitely thinks this toy is his and Pip knows this but, being a bit of a madam, likes to steal it from under his nose and run off with it. If she lies down and chews on it he is standing over her pathetically, pawing at her to get it back, his tongue hanging out of his mouth in concentration. I couldn't help laughing at them the other day when Pip had, as usual, run off with orang-utan with Hugo in hot pursuit and they had reached that 'five-minutes-of madness' stage when they were darting everywhere. Hugo was under the table on the decking and Pip was standing on the steps leading up to it, orang-utan was lying somewhere in between them. Every few seconds one of them would make a dart towards this orange bit of plastic, made it squeak then rush back to their 'base'. Then Hugo, not usually know for running much, dashed out and rushed round the garden with Pip tearing after him, obviously thinking he had got the toy. Round and round they went, then saw me standing watching them so rushed inside and threw themselves on the floor panting loudly. Where was orang-utan? Still lying on the decking - daft dogs!!