Monday, 23 February 2015

Needles, Fresh Air and Kissing it Better!

Hugo & Pip think this is THEIR bed!
Hugo relaxing!
Horizontal rain!
Last week saw that annual event dreaded by all our canine friends - a trip to the V.E.T. for the yearly vaccinations. Hugo has never had an issue with the vets and actually seems to like going, putting his feet up on the counter to announce his arrival to the receptionists and looking to see if the resident cat dares to stand it's ground. Miss Pip, on the other hand, is terrified. Martin had to go with Hugo and Pip on his own this time so he was stretched (literally) to the limit with Hugo pulling in through the door and Pip dragging behind. Once inside Pip set up her wining/howl that makes everyone very much aware she is NOT happy! The door to the surgery opened and the lady vet and nurse called them in - Hugo went in at the mention of his name but Pip dug her heels in and would not budge. The crafty nurse 
Hugo waiting for the rain to pass
rattled the treat tin and she shot in - food wins the day!

The vet was pleased with them and thought they were both very healthy, Pip with a particularly strong heartbeat (probably thumping because she was scared!), and they both received their inoculations without a murmur (albeit with Pip hiding her head between Martin's legs while it was stuck in her). After lots of fuss and attention from the nurse Pip relaxed and seemed to quite enjoy the attention. Martin also picked up some worming tablets which we had the joy of getting Hugo and Pip to take later that day. Miss Pip was no problem and swallowed hers but, no matter how far we shoved them down Hugo's throat, he managed to spit them up again a few minutes later. Eventually we managed to get the much-disintegrated soggy tablets to stay down and Hugo and Pip spent the rest of the evening fast asleep. Job done.

Pip waiting for the rain to pass
Came home from work the other day to find the kitchen towel up the garden and dirty paw prints on the glass door of the microwave - hmmmm!

Hugo is thrilled because we have started to leave the bedroom window open a crack at night. The only problem is that is isn't quite wide enough for his liking (we have sliding windows) and he puts his nose in and thrusts it open wider so he can hang out and watch the world go by. The only problem with this is that I wake up in the middle of the night, freezing cold and blinded by the street light outside because there he is, curtain rucked up, watching the local cats or hedgehogs in the street.

Ready to go home
Today I have almost lost my voice - no reason, I am not ill but I sound very croaky. As I went upstairs to change after work Hugo came with me and I was talking to him as usual. He leapt on the bed, stared me straight in the eye, cocking his head from side to side and then tried to lick my mouth - think he was trying to kiss it better!

We went up to Minchinhampton Common tonight and arrived just as the heavens opened and the rain poured down - horizontally because the wind was so strong. We could see it was only a shower so we waited in the car until it was over - Hugo and Pip were not amused because they wanted to get out there whatever the weather! We did not give in this time though and, apart from the freezing cold wind, enjoyed a walk in brilliant sunshine without getting wet.