Wednesday, 9 May 2012

First Week

We took Hugo to the Vet tonight and he has had his first set of injections and flea/worm treatment. The vet checked him over and said his heart was sound and his teeth were lovely. He is not underweight (he seems to have filled out in the last two days!) and he weighs 29kg. We go back in a fortnight for his second set of jabs and will arrange castration and chipping at 10-12 months. I mentioned to the vet that his ankles seemed a bit weak - he turns them over quite easily, back and front, when playing - but he thought it was just because he hadn't been walked much and needed strengthening and didn't think it was hip displacer. In actual fact even in the couple of days we have had him they seem much stronger and I swear he has grown already!

Hugo has a lovely temperament and is very gentle, even when taking food. He is a bit food obsessed (with our food I mean) -  I don't particularly like making a big issue out of this but find if you stare him out he will look away and then lie down - sometimes we put his food down in another room whilst we have ours and this seems to be working well.

Today was our first day back at work and, unfortunately the one we are out longest for - we did deliberately leave him on his own for an hour or so yesterday and he was fine - he was on his own for just over 6 hours today and we are really pleased he didn't destroy anything or appear stressed out. He had emptied his toy box and obviously been playing with them but nothing else was out of place. I did phone my neighbour at lunchtime and she had heard him whine once but after she called out to him she didn't hear a thing. He shouldn't be left more than 3 hours at a time for the rest of the week so he should learn we ARE coming back soon.