Saturday, 26 May 2012


Hugo had his second set of injections on Tuesday so he’s all legal now. When he was weighed the first time two weeks ago he was 28kg (4 and a half stone) – this week he is 32kg (5 stone) so he has put on half a stone in a fortnight.

He’s very much a puppy and plays with all sorts of things – when I hang the washing on the line he’s running off with the pegs and I’ve come out to find things pulled off the line! Daniel put compost in one of our wooden raised beds yesterday evening (it’s on the patio) and then planted up some lettuce and other bits and pieces he has been growing. When I went out this morning there were 3 big footprints in the soil! Don’t think he realised the bed was there and he didn’t really do any damage – he was quite interested in the sticks Daniel had put in to mark the rows though!

Daniel took Hugo down the meadows tonight and Toby took him to the pub this afternoon so both of them are showing far more interest than they did with Sid which is great. Hugo goes mad when he sees Remie and usually has one of his ‘mad five minutes’ when she appears. We haven’t had anything else disrupted in the house this week – he’s concentrating on the gardening!