Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Duck Hunting by the River - an Ode to Hugo and Pip

The meadows full of buttercups
And clover scents the air
The cows are grazing quietly
They do not have a care

But their peace will soon be shattered
They really should beware
Two Akitas are out walking
Miss Pip and Hugo Bear

Miss Pip she leaps in to the air
At passing butterflies
And chases them across the field
Though rarely gets her prize

Hugo prefers to scramble down
The river banks and drink
He balances precariously
Until he starts to sink

Pip loves to skip along the field
And through the thistles too
She bounces through the tall, tall grass
Just like a kangaroo!

Hugo will stop and have a sniff
At every place he can
But suddenly he'll start to roll
The sewer-pipe overran!

A thrown stick will not entice them
Into the water deep
But fluffy little moor hen chicks
Will make them take that leap

A frantic dash, they make their move
Their curly tails held high
The reeds are flattened in their haste
The ducks take off and fly!

They come back wet but smiling
So proud of what they've done
Next time they might be lucky
But chasing is such fun

Hugo and Pip just love this walk
They want to come back soon
Go duck hunting by the river
On a sunny afternoon