Sunday, 16 June 2013

Having a ripping time!

Sleeping bag down the hole!

Destruct-o-duo have been in action again and have succeeded in getting hold of an old sleeping bag (fortunately, already destined for the tip) and totally shredding it all over the garden, stolen a lunch box that was waiting to go in the dishwasher and eaten the remains of the contents along with part of the lid, taken work boots (mine) outside almost every day this week and removed the insoles which are getting smaller and smaller and dug HUGE holes in the lawn-that-was! We have also noticed teeth marks in the arms of the garden furniture - can't think who could have done that!

The funniest thing was when Toby and I got home from work the other day to find the remains of the sleeping bag down one of the holes - that's what called burying the evidence! My next door neighbour reports back to us every day what she has seen them doing and thinks it's hysterical - they don't make any noise but are constantly on the go. Not surprising that when we are home they are flat out, exhausted.

Exhausted from all that destruction!
Have never seen Hugo get in this position before!

Going to Pets at Home.
We needed to get some more dog food today so Martin and I took Hugo and Pip with us to Pets at Home. Pip has never been before and Hugo has only been once so it was a bit of an adventure for them. Pip kept up a constant, high pitched whining all the way round the shop and Hugo would get most upset if he lost sight of her and joined in the noise. He saw a Rotty down one of the isles and barked loudly at it we had to play hide and seek to make sure we didn't come face to face. Every time Hugo and Pip met up they greeted each other like they hadn't been together for months, jumping all over each other - very embarrassing ! They were, however, on their best behaviour and sat down when we got to the check out so the nice man would give them biscuits - they did jump up and look him in the eye but he gave them both a big hug and fuss. Everyone seemed to smile when they saw them and one woman in the queue even knew what they were which is very unusual. I did manage to get them both weighed and was really pleased that Pip has gained nearly 2kg since her operation and is now just over 28kg - I was a bit worried that she still seemed a bit skinny so it was a relief to find she had gained. Hugo sat himself down on the scales and he is just over 40kg so very much the same as he was six months ago which is good because we have been told not to let him get too heavy because of his hip dysplacia. At least they didn't have any accidents in the store and the rabbits and other small furries were asleep so they didn't spot them at all.

Pip rarely sits still long enough to have a photo taken so this one's a bonus
Pip has finally finished blowing and her coat is now shiny and getting silky soft again, Hugo has just started so we have another three weeks of hair everywhere - it was blowing around the car as we were driving along and kept getting in our mouths. The hoover is beginning to complain and has to be emptied every time you use it. The one bit of owning Akitas I don't like!