Friday, 6 September 2013

A ripping time!

Let sleeping dogs lie!
Got home from work on Wednesday and went upstairs to get changed ready to take Hugo and Pip on a walk but was greeted with a huge rip in our brand new duvet cover! When asked "who did this?" in a very loud voice, Hugo and Pip slunk off up the garden. I was so cross with them I made Toby put the child gate back up which we had taken down a couple of weeks ago and I made them stay out in the kitchen and garden for an hour or so - and I didn't take them for a walk - nasty Mummy!! Martin wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and thought one of them might have caught their nail in the cover as they jumped off the bed causing it to tear but that does not explain the teeth marks or the chewed up sock that was also on the bed.

On Thursday, not wanting a repeat of the duvet incident, I left them behind the child gate in the kitchen. When I came home they had chewed up their own blankets in to little pieces all over the kitchen floor. At this rate they will be sleeping on the bare floor.

Today it was raining and it was very dark so Hugo and Pip were very sleepy and I did not have the heart to turf them out of the living room when I went to work. When I got home I thought all was well until I saw Daniel - he had come in to find his Egyptian scarf in shreds all over the carpet!

Don't know about sleeping on the bare floor, they are definitely heading for the dog house!!