Saturday, 28 November 2015

All change!

Hugo in 'his spot' on the new settee
I know it has been a long time since I last wrote on here so rather than write too much I am going to go by the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and end this posting with lots of pictures from the last few months. 

Miss Pip has selected her chair
This week has been one of great change in that my younger son, Toby, last Saturday moved out of our house and in with his girlfriend, Steph. Along with him went our two settees which left us awaiting the arrival of our new three piece suite until Tuesday (for the chairs) and Thursday for the settee (couldn't get it in on Tuesday so had to come back and take the

glass out the living room window). We have a couple of nice comfortable chairs from our “shed” (home office) so we were OK for a few days without but Hugo and Pip have had to make do with the floor – well, when I said they made do with the floor, what I actually meant was they spent most of the time upstairs on our bed!

Hugo and Pip have been totally lost without Toby around and leap up whenever a car slows down outside in the hope it is him. 

Pip loves her brother Toby
They (or rather Miss Pip) still greet Daniel, my older son, very vocally, but it is not the       same, Toby is their brother.

The three amigos
On Tuesday, when the armchairs arrived, Miss Pip lost no time in claiming one of them as her own but Hugo was still relegated to the carpet, although he normally likes to lie there anyway so it was no great hardship. The chairs, being new, give off a strange scent and I think it is because of that Hugo is not too keen. The settee duly arrived (and glass replaced) and Miss Pip, again, took control and made herself comfortable on it – she does prefer the armchair though and this is where she prefers to sit. It has taken Hugo two days but he has, eventually, climbed up and found ‘his spot’ on the settee. This morning he has even squeezed himself into one of the armchairs but soon found it a bit too confining for his bulk and got down again.

Hugo loves his brother Toby
Yesterday, Toby called in here on the way back to his house and picked up Hugo and Pip to take them back with him so he could meet Steph from work and walk them before they all come back for a Chinese. This meant that Hugo and Pip visited Toby’s new house for the first time which they explored thoroughly, Hugo christening the garden. They then found their old friends, the leather settees and quickly re-established their acquaintance with them!

June - a shady spot
Following the visit to their ‘brother’, Hugo in particular seems quite depressed as if he realises now that he has seen all Toby’s things in another house that he won’t be coming back. He keeps making crying noises and sighing, especially if you talk to him in a sympathetic voice – this might just be a ploy to get our attention but it is very sad to hear him. On the other hand it might just be because he can’t go outside because the weather is appalling – only time will tell.

June - Pip

June - Pip posing
July - Brush time - Hugo is blowing his coat!

July - Paws in the Park Birmingham with Akita Rescue & Welfare

July - Paws in the Park - Pip greeting her foster Mum, Kim,
who she hasn't seen for 2 years

July - Paws in the Park - relaxing with friends

July - new harnesses

August - Paws in the Park Cheltenham with Akita Rescue & Welfare

August - Paws in the Park Cheltenham - taking a break
from their admiring public

August - Worcester Show with Akita Rescue & Welfare - rained off,
here are Hugo and Pip sheltering with Toby and Steph

October - pack walk with Akita Rescue & Welfare at Cannock Chase

October - ARW pack walk at Cannock Chase with 22 friends

October - Hugo suffered with 'frozen tail' which made his tail uncurl.
It is now back up and all is well.

October 25th - Hugo's 4th Birthday.