Friday, 25 December 2015

'Tis the Season to be Jolly!

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in the run up to Christmas and there have been lots of exciting parcels arriving at the house. Knowing that a couple of these contained something of interest to Hugo and Pip we put them up well out of reach so they were not tempted. 

Last Friday we made the two and a half hour journey up to Chesterfield in Derby to visit my in-laws (or Little Granny & Granddad as the boys call them). We do not get to see them very often and it is generally at other relatives houses when we do so 
Hugo and 
Pip have never actually met them before. This is a great shame as Ann and Eddie absolutely love dogs but, at 81 and 91, can't really consider having another one themselves. So, when we suggested we bring Hugo and Pip with us, they jumped at the chance to see them. We set off early and had a good journey, stopping at Tamworth services on the way (we did wonder if Hugo would remember that this is where we picked him up from when he came in to our lives but he didn't show any signs of recognising it). Taking it in turns to use the facilities so Hugo and Pip could spend time on the grass and out of the car, I returned across the car park to be greeted by Pip howling her greeting and then proceeded to jump up me - I always knew wearing anything with white in it was a mistake! We duly arrived in the small village of Clowne and let Hugo and Pip into Little Granny & Granddad's house - after five minutes frantically rushing round sussing out where everything was they soon settled down and were introduced properly. Pip totally surprised us by taking to Eddie straight away (she is normally very wary of men, especially the older generation) and was quickly accepting the fuss he was giving her. It was not long before she had crashed out in front of the fire (it was not on!) and Hugo took her place by the side of Granddad's chair where he spent the majority of the rest of time we were there with Eddie leaning over stroking him. I say the majority of the time because at one point Eddie went upstairs to fetch some presents down for us. After a few minutes we realised that Hugo was missing so Ann went to check and there he was lying on the bed upstairs with Eddie talking to him - nothing like making yourself at home, Hugo!

Last Sunday I was given a gift at church by a lady I give a lift to and, not thinking, I left it on a small table by the television. (I'm sure you can guess what's coming!) On Monday we went visiting again but Hugo and Pip stayed behind this time because the aunt and uncle we were visiting have a miniature Schnauzer and she would have killed them if they had come in to her house! When we got home the living room floor was covered in wrapping paper and chocolates! Hurriedly picking up the debris I was relieved to find that there were only 4 empty wrappers and the rest of the chocolates were still there, if a little soggy (no need to rush to the vets then). Hugo and Pip must have know I am dieting and were only trying to help by making them inedible.
Like most other pet owners do, Hugo and Pip are treated the same as the rest of the family and have Christmas presents. Knowing they would be far too interested in the contents while I was wrapping them Toby took them back to his house with Steph so they did not see what they were getting before the big day. Hugo and Pip love going there but they do miss having Toby at home, as I do. 

Last night was Christmas Eve which, unusually for us, was a very relaxed evening and Hugo and Pip were ready for bed at about 8pm after we told them not to bark at Santa Paws if they saw him. Daniel had gone out and had not come back by the time we all went to bed but we were shocked awake by Pip baying the house down at 1am when he got home. She must have thought Father Christmas had arrived and she wasn't having any strange men in HER house even if he was bringing her a present! I have a bit of a funny throat at the moment and made the mistake of trying, very quietly, to take a lozenge out of a packet at 6 o'clock this morning - Hugo was there in a flash, FOOD! I then had to stop him sticking his tongue in my glass of water - nothing worse than slimy water first thing in the morning!

Hugo and Pip have had a good day today, lots of presents, Toby home for the day, walk on Selsley Common in the rain, wind, cold and mud then a huge dinner. I always give Hugo and Pip exactly the same as us on Christmas Day, including the spouts which Toby cunningly mashed into the potatoes. The only things left were a few pieces of carrots and one parsnip. Then zzzzzzzzzzzzz for the rest of the afternoon! Very surprising is the fact that none of the presents have been destroyed yet (which must be something of a record) apart from, of course, the edible goodies which were devoured within minutes of opening. The firm favourites with both Hugo and Pip seem to be the Kong tennis balls but if Pip does not stop squeaking them they might rapidly go missing!

Hugo and Pip would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and look forward to keeping in touch with all their friends in the New Year.