Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Disappearing duvet & a flying dog!

Over the last two days SOMEBODY has been gradually been pulling the stuffing out of our duvet! Toby went upstairs this afternoon and found white fluff coming out of our bedroom door and down the stairs. Fortunately, we only bought a new one yesterday so it looks as if it will be going on the bed sooner than we thought!

Toby came and picked me up from work today so Hugo and Pip had only been left on their own for about half and hour when we got in but you would have thought they hadn't seen us for a year. As we opened the door they were barking and kita-talking and standing up at the child gate which leads in to the kitchen. Suddenly, Hugo, who normally struggles to heave himself up on the sofa, leapt over the gate in one swift move - think he rather surprised himself as well as us!

Hugo and Pip love this cold, frosty weather and they go absolutely mental when they are let out in the garden. Pip was standing at the edge of the pond, balancing on a stone, drinking the icy water when Hugo bounded up behind her, grabbed her leg and almost pushed her in! There was then a mad five minutes of charging round the garden leaping at each other, and us, until they were calm enough to take out for a walk. Goodness knows how they will be if it snows.