Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter Pack Walk

The dogs, from left to right - Cassie, the Orange Dog (a.k.a. Marvin), Pip, Hugo, Kiri, Obi, Tia, Suki, Max, Candy, Nico and MistyCat.
The day we had been looking forward to for ages finally arrived yesterday - the day of the Akita Winter Walk at Westport Lake near Stoke on Trent. We had to set off at 8.30am to make sure we got there for 11am but knowing Hugo and Pip get so excited when we go out in the car that we have to stop about 5 minutes into the journey, Toby took them up on the common first so they had already had a good walk when we set off.

We had a good run up there without too much winging or whining and arrived just after 10.30am as planned. Arriving at the same time as us were Teresa, Kirsty and Ross with Princess Tia and 'the orange dog' (a.k.a. Marvin), who is a staffie with aspirations of becoming a bear, shortly followed by Christine and Clive with Kiri and Obi. There was a little bit of growling and sorting out the pecking order but nothing to worry about - the dogs behaved beautifully too!
Pip cleaning her feet on Teresa's coat! 

Then Kim and Mike drove in with Candy and Nico - for those that don't know, these are the lovely people who fostered Pip before we adopted her and we had been wondering if she would still remember them. Boy, did she remember! She was all over Kim in total ecstasy, and Mike too - it was so lovely to see. Candy and Nico had a good sniff round her but Hugo wasn't so keen on this - Pip is HIS sister now!!

More Akita's arrived - Tally with her new mum, Sally, and Cassie with her dad, Robbie. It was bitterly cold so we decided to start off on the walk round a small lake to warm everyone up. We spaced ourselves out and apart from a few minor pawings and warnings they were all beautifully behaved. We were pleased when Marie caught us up with Misty Cat and we set off on the first lap round the big lake. Hugo had to keep drinking from the lake every few yards - all that water and all those ducks, Canadian geese and swans must have been like Paradise to him. Just surprised nobody ended up in the water as most of the dogs had a paddle at some stage. 

As we were completing the first lap of the lake we were joined by Annie and Neil with the beautiful Suki and 'Mad' Max who was in foster with Marie and Misty Cat. After a quick break for cakes (thanks Christine, they were lovely!) we did a second turn around the lake and all enjoyed our time together.
Marvin, they're wearing your colour!

As everyone set off for home, Toby and I took Hugo and Pip back to Kim and Mikes for a cup of tea - cheeky Miss Pip knew exactly where she was and made herself right at home, even demanding a treat by barking at the cupboard where she knew they were kept. Even Hugo was well settled and lay down without a fuss.

There were hold ups on the motorway on the way back so it took well over 2 hours to get home but Hugo and Pip did not mind - they were fast asleep in the back of the car and hardly stirred all the way. Once home they gobbled up as much of their tea as they could then flaked out again for the rest of the night. Think they enjoyed themselves!