Sunday, 2 December 2012

Having a lie in

On a week day our alarm goes off at 6.30am and Martin is out walking Hugo and Pip by 7am. On a weekend we try and have a bit of a lie in (I think 7.45am is the latest I have slept for years). Unfortunately, Hugo and Pip have no concept of what a lie in is and come and huff and puff in our faces and jump on and off the bed till one of us gives in and gets up to let them up the garden. This fobs them off for another half an hour allowing us to take a cup of tea back to bed and read. They show their disapproval by both jumping up on the bed and throwing themselves down between us  with much sighing and THAT look (you Akita owners out there will know what I mean by that). Needless to say there isn't much room for all of us so the lie ins are pretty short lived!