Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hugo and Pip are going to Crufts!

Hugo and Pip were wild with excitement on Saturday afternoon when first Toby returned from his trip to Sierra Leone and then, about half an hour later, Daniel got back from Spain. They didn't know who to attack first! Think they have missed their 'brothers'.

This morning Pip retrieved the empty toothpaste container from the bathroom bin and she and Hugo had a wonderful time crunching their way through the tube - made a bit of a mess but they have lovely minty breath now!

Now for some exciting news - Hugo and Pip are going to Crufts!!!! A few weeks ago the Akita Rescue and Welfare were invited to have a stand in the rescue section of the show and they kindly asked us if we would like to go to represent them.. Our old friends Obi and Kiri will be there and so will Anouk so if anyone is able to come along we would love to see you - it is on Friday 8th March at the NEC. Rather amused me to hear that this is the day when Utility and Toy dogs are there (Akitas are classed as Utility) and one of our neighbours will be the Pomeranian Rescue so hope Hugo and Pip behave themselves and don't think they are toys to play with!