Saturday, 16 February 2013

Love, Greetings and Crows!

We have rather been confined to the house over the last 3 weeks because of a combination of bad weather, Pip being in season and car troubles so Hugo and Pip have not had much to report. Except............
Hugo forgot he had had his little operation back in July last year and he was caught in the act with Pip - we were shocked as we didn't think he would still have the urge but apparently they still do.

Toby went off on Wednesday for his 10 day missionary trip to Sierra Leone which has meant Hugo and Pip have been left on their own for 8 hours (the longest we have ever left them) so I was a bit worried what would greet me when I got home on Thursday night. I had intended to leave the back door open for them but it must have blown shut - they had been as good as gold and hadn't had any accidents so was really pleased with them. Their blankets were askew all over the kitchen and they had found a tub of tile spacers in the outhouse and emptied them all over the floor but the funniest thing was the greeting I got from them when I came through the door. Hugo was pounding his feet up and down on the child gate that blocks them off at the kitchen and Pip was going wild - I hurriedly let them into the garden with Hugo rubbing himself around my legs (he likes you to hug him and hold him to you) while Pip grabbed a teddy bear and virtually screamed at the top of her voice, getting louder and higher at the same time as weeing and getting as close to me as she could - nice to be wanted. Dread to think what the neighbours thought - it sounded as if someone was being murdered! On Friday we got the same greeting again, with the addition of the teddy bear being soaking wet which Pip proceeded to whack round my legs resulting in dirty, damp patches all over my trousers.

Had to laugh on Thursday morning when I had a coughing fit just as I was getting out of bed. Pip very thoughtfully bought me a tissue - only problem was it was a used one out of the bin - thanks Pip!

At last today we have had some sunshine and Hugo and Pip have spent all morning happily out in the garden, pottering around with the odd mad five minute tearing around sessions added in. We were very amused by Hugo who was sat watching a big black crow on the shed - he was very interested but made no attempt to chase it, he just sat rigid, almost afraid to move and exactly how Sid used to react too. I'm sure if Pip had seen it the crow would be no more as she is much sharper and quicker and I think her eyesight is a lot better too.

Martin has made a plinth to go in the back of my new car so it levels the back out for Hugo and Pip and we went and bought an off-cut of carpet today to stop them skidding around in the back and give them a bit of comfort. They tried it out and seem to like it so as soon as Toby gets back we are ready to take them up to the woods again - really looking forward to that as it seems such a long time since we last went.

The fresh air seems to have worn them out and they are both sleeping now, Hugo snoring loudly!