Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hugo's little accident!

As the garden is so wet at the moment and Pip is very interested in looking over the fence into next doors garden (where rabbits and guinea pigs live!) we have not left the back door open for Hugo and Pip when we have gone out over the last few days. Yesterday when we got in Pip did her usual excitement wee (on the kitchen floor)  and I went and got the mop and bucket to clean up. Hugo went up the garden and we watched,  laughing at him, as he stood there, weeing for England and didn't think he was going to stop.  As the floor was so dirty I give it a thorough wash all over and used plenty of disinfectant and then got on with making tea. Suddenly heard running water and thought the dishwasher was leaking and then realised Hugo was just standing there weeing al over the still-wet-from-washing floor!!! Couldn't believe it - totally out of character as the only time he has ever had an accident in the house was the first night we had him. So, kitchen floor washed for the second time within the space of about 15 minutes. 

Perhaps he was trying to mark his territory after all the disinfectant - maybe that's a good enough excuse not to do too much housework in future!!