Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cough, Cough!

When I went upstairs to get changed tonight I noticed on the bed a tiny scrap of cardboard and realised it was from the box of Covonia cough sweets I had left on the bedside table. When I mentioned it to Toby he did say he had found Pip standing over the empty box earlier and he had thrown it away. There was no sign of anything else anywhere so SOMEONE must have eaten the 5-6 sweets left inside!! It wouldn't be quite so bad but they tasted absolutely awful so cannot think what the attraction was.

Hugo is finding Pip rather interesting at the moment as she has just come in to her first season - obviously he can't do much about it but they seem a bit more loving towards each other over the last couple of days and we wonder if that is why he reacted to the dog on the Common on Tuesday. Pip is looking a bit sorry for herself and sleeping a lot so will be glad when it's all over and we can get her spayed. Just a bit worried though as she doesn't like the vet anymore after they 'took her downstairs' to sort out her abscess! Perhaps they'll let Hugo come and stay with her for the day (only joking!).