Friday, 18 January 2013


Normally when I go downstairs at about 6.30am in the morning and let Hugo and Pip up the garden they fly out the back door and go charging on to the decking, leaping and jumping over each other - if it's frosty they shoot out like a rocket and lick everything in sight and then lie on the cold ground. Today was different, today we actually had snow! I fought my way through them to open the back door and they froze on the step as they saw what was outside. Very cautiously they sniffed the strange, cold white stuff then licked it. They then very, very, slowly, both walking like little old ladies, licked their way across the patio, up the path, over the decking and round on to the lawn - took them about 10 minutes to get that far and they were then happy to come in.

After that first experience though they have suddenly come to life and want to be out there all the time which. When Martin took them for a walk this afternoon he said Hugo had to walk in the deepest drifts of snow he could find (only about 2 inches deep - this is Gloucestershire after all!) and Pip put her nose down and snorted her way along.

They are now both flat out, dreaming and twitching, no doubt reliving their exciting day.