Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Blowing the cobwebs away

Hugo actually running! Also showing his rolls of fat!!!
After the initial shock of seeing snow for the first time, Hugo and Pip now absolutely love the cold, white stuff. Every chance they get they are out in the garden, charging around and around and coming back in exhausted. It's just as well they are getting so much exercise this way as we have found walking them off the estate a major problem as the road and footpaths are like an ice rink and almost impossible for one person to take the two of them without slipping and sliding all over the place. Also, as our favourite drive-to walking places all involve going up steep hills they haven't really been accessible either.

There's a tiger about!
As the roads were much better yesterday we arranged that Toby would bring the dogs with him when he came to pick me up from work and we would go home via Selsley Common but, unfortunately, the car would not start and I had to get a lift home. Hugo and Pip were not amused! They were ready in the car and Toby had to persuade them to get out and they could not understand why. As it was still light when I got back we walked them down over the canal to the meadows where the snow was still quite deep and they had a wonderful half hour running round and round, using the extender leads like lunge reins. It certainly helped blow the cobwebs away and we actually managed the whole thing without anyone falling over.

Mine, all mine
Today Toby took them up on the common and they had a great time - made even better by the fact there was hardly anyone else there. Toby managed both Hugo, Pip and a camera all at the same time and got a few nice snaps of the scenery. They only met one off-lead dog who ran over to them when they first set off - the only thing to do in this sort of situation is to stand still just to keep your footing - but, fortunately, the person with the dog came running over, very apologetic, saying they were only dog-sitting for it. A bit further in the walk it escaped again so Hugo did his usual greeting and put his paw on it then, most unlike him, woofed loudly - it slunk off and didn't bother them again!

Daniel has bought Hugo and Pip some big bones again and Pip in particular is obsessed by them and wants them all to herself. I even resorted to confiscating them for a while as she was standing guard over them while poor Hugo looked on bemused. He is a bit sneaky though and carries them upstairs and hides them when she isn't looking. Yesterday morning he got up with me on the bed and bought one with him (lovely, just what you want in bed with you) - when Pip looked up and saw him Hugo just starred her out and she turned away and lay down. First victory ever to Hugo I think!