Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bubble and (Pip) squeak

When I was at Sainsbury's the other evening I noticed amongst the Red Nose Day stuff a bottle of bubbles so couldn't resist buying them - why, you might ask, you haven't got any young children. No, but I have got two Akitas that take a lot of entertaining and thought they would like them. Hugo was not so keen and made a wide detour round the bubbles and went outside (same reaction to towels, hair-dryer  hoover etc. - getting the picture, he's a bit of a scardy-cat!). Pip on the other hand loves them - likes to try and catch them and is very surprised when they disappear!

Had to laugh at Hugo the other morning - during the night the wind had blown an empty plastic dog food sack in to the pond and before he would drink any water he very gently put his mouth in and gingerly pulled the sack out, took it a few paces away and laid it on the lawn and then went back for his drink. He'll have a bit of a shock soon when the frog spawn start to appear!

Was really bright and sunny yesterday afternoon when I got home from work so Toby and I took Hugo and Pip for a lovely walk along the canal - even better because no one else was around so they could sniff, explore and stalk the ducks as much as they wanted. 

Hugo and Pip are always really pleased to see any of us when we get home after being out and today was no exception. I got the usual, very verbal (Pip), greetings when she has to pick up something in her mouth to bring you - doesn't matter what it is, toy, sock, bit of paper, bone - and realised Hugo was copying her and was bringing me an old punctured football. When we went inside for a cup of tea Pip settled herself between Daniel an me on the sofa and stretched herself out - Hugo, however, was having none of this and very gently he managed to get himself up as well, taking great care not to put his feet on Pip whilst balancing at the same time. Very carefully he turned round and then sat on top of poor Pip! Oh what it is to be wanted and loved!