Saturday, 2 March 2013

Walking, fishing, hunting!

Fishing for food
Toby and I set off at 8.15 this morning and took Hugo and Pip up to Randwick Woods. For various reasons (illness, weather, car problems etc.) we haven't been there since just before Christmas so knew the dogs would be excited. It was great getting there so early as there were only a couple of other walkers around and it was beautifully peaceful walking through the woods. Hugo and Pip had a fine old time, tying us round the trees with their leads (they hadn't forgotten how to do that) and they had really happy faces as we scrunched through the leaves. An hour later we had two very puffed out dogs who managed to steam the car up very nicely on the way home - had to have the window open to let in some air!

Where did it go?
When we got home I went out in the garden and fed the fish in the pond for the first time this year. Unfortunately, they did not have much chance to enjoy their food because Hugo and Pip decided they rather liked it too and lapped up as much of it as they could reach - poor fish must have wondered what the two hairy faces were looking down on them and cowered at the bottom of the pond.

You will come down!
Hugo and Pip stayed outside wandering round the garden when I went back but I suddenly saw Hugo shoot up the garden, round the barrier he is not supposed to be able to get round and throw himself against the fence at the top of the garden. I have never seen him move so fast before and didn't think he was capable! What had he seen? A magpie, now flown up in to the neighbours trees and tormenting him from it's perch. Hugo and Pip spent a long time, standing on the bench on the decking trying to hypnotise the bird to come down, fortunately without success. I don't think we will ever be able to attract wildlife in to the garden while the bears are around!