Thursday, 7 March 2013

Getting ready for Crufts!

Waiting for a treat after their bath
On Sunday I was carrying an armful of just ironed clothes upstairs when I dropped a pair of socks in the hall. As I was holding too much to be able to pick them up I left them where they were intending to come back for them. As usual, my two shadows followed me up and in to the bedroom but I was surprised when I turned round from putting the clothes down to see Hugo placing the pair of socks (albeit a bit soggy) on the bed for me - what a clever boy!

Not a happy chappy!
The other evening Daniel decided to take Hugo with him when he went round to his friends house and left Pip with the rest of us. She was totally inconsolable - first she whined and kept running round in circles but got more and more distressed when she realised he wasn't coming back and ended up howling at the top of her voice. It would have been funny if she wasn't obviously so stressed out - I tried hugging her and making a fuss but the only way she eventually calmed down was after Toby took her for a quick walk round the block and she could see for herself that Hugo wasn't there. Strangely enough she didn't take that much notice of Hugo when he did come back so think she was giving him the cold shoulder. Don't think we will be separating them again in a hurry.

(Pip)squeaky clean!
Well, tomorrow is the big day! Toby and I are taking Hugo and Pip up to Crufts where they have been invited to represent the Akita Rescue and Welfare on their stand. When I got home from work it was time for that dreaded event - bath-time  Unfortunately, both Hugo and Pip remembered what this meant and we had a really hard time getting them anywhere near the bathroom. Pip was the first to be cornered and Toby and I managed to lift her in the bath and then shampoo and rinse her off fairly quickly. We towel dried her, tied another dry towel round her and let her go while we tried to persuade Hugo to come in. After much cajoling and several gravy bones later we managed to get him half way through the bathroom door so we grabbed him and pulled him in and shut the door behind us. He was not impressed and found it very undignified when the two of us together lifted him in the bath. After all the fuss and bother of getting him in he stood their as good as gold while we washed him and showered him off but he got his own back when we had finished by jumping out and soaking me and then shaking himself all over Toby. In the meantime we heard Martin come in and Pip greeting him and Kita-talking at the top of her voice, telling him what we had done to her. As soon as Hugo was free he shot downstairs and rubbed himself all along the leather settees - thanks Hugo!

Hugo and Pip are now drying out - Pip lying as close to the fire as possible and Hugo sulking in the corner. They certainly look a lot cleaner but there is a definite smell of wet dog about the house tonight!

We will have to be up bright and early tomorrow as we aim to leave about 6.30am in the morning to be at the NEC for 8-8.30am - if anyone wants to come and see us we are in Hall 3 Stand 52.