Thursday, 14 March 2013

Croaking Frogs and Fishy Kongs

Hugo and Pip with Toby and me at Crufts
After two days of doing nothing but sleep, Hugo and Pip are beginning to get back to their normal lively selves after their day up at Crufts. I have never seen them so tired before and they haven't even bothered with their usual nightly romp when the rest of us are winding down. We were really proud of all our dogs on Friday and hope they raise the profile of the breed.

Gorgeous Anouk with Teresa & Kirsty
On Saturday my parents came down for the day which is only the second time they had met Pip. When they came the last time my dad did something which made her bark - she had not forgotten and as soon as she saw him she started shouting at him and then ran upstairs out the way until I called her down again. Fortunately, he was well prepared and had some tasty treats in his pocket for her and Hugo which she devoured. Hopefully, next time they meet she will have forgiven him.

Hugo and Pip went charging out the back door when I let them out the other night before we went to bed but they suddenly came screeching to a standstill, both 'pointing' at the pond. For a horrible moment I thought someone was in the garden but then realised what the problem was - a frog was croaking loudly in the pond! I don't think either of them had heard one before as they weren't with us this time last year and they certainly couldn't make the noise out at all.

The beautiful Kiri posing at Crufts
When we were up at Crufts we bought a goodie bag of Fish4dogs food which contained, amongst other things, a couple of sachets of salmon mousse and some tiny biscuits. Toby filled the Kongs with a combination of both these and Hugo and Pip have spent a happy hour or so licking it all out - only one problem, the house has a decided fishy smell to it now!

Obi wowing the crowds!
For the last week or so Pip has been periodically pawing at the side of her mouth but, however much we looked, we could not see anything wrong. As she was not off her food and it was only every now and again we had hoped it would sort itself out. Today, though, Toby spotted a sore patch just below her mouth which has probably been caused by her rubbing her mouth. The inevitable trip to the vet was arranged for this afternoon and, as Pip is nervous at the surgery, we took Hugo along to keep her company. We were the only patients in the waiting room but every time one of the nurses or staff went in and out of a door Pip would bark loudly at them, just like she was guarding the place. Unfortunately, the lady on the reception could not hear on the telephone and had to transfer her call to another room! Every time Pip barked Hugo would do a high pitched whine - not very manly - and wanted to sit on one of the chairs alongside us. I wouldn't mind but he isn't the one who normally gets on the furniture at home. At last they called us in to the surgery and Pip had to be pulled through the door whereas Hugo strolled in quite happily and wondered round the room while first the nurse and then the vet examined her. Toby lifted her on the table which weighed her at 27kg so she has gained about 1.5kg since December. Because she was nervous Pip was panting which actually made it much easier for the vet to have a good look in her mouth and, fortunately, could find nothing untoward which was a bit of a relief. Instead they gave us some antibiotic/steroidal cream to put on twice a day and we left £45 worse off! Have got to go back in a weeks time and have also booked Pip in for the week after Easter to be spayed - dread to think how the pair of them will be if they have to be separated for the day.