Saturday, 23 March 2013

Food for thought!

Hugo enjoying his stag's horn

Pip has made a start on her stag's horn

Hugo stealing Pip's stag's horn - he has his foot on it!
Hugo got a bit close to the camera!
Last Friday I treated Hugo and Pip to a stag horn each - although they were quite expensive I think they will be worth it as one week later they have only made a small dent in the end of them despite constant chewing. I wanted to get them something that didn't splinter and shatter like bones do in case the problem Pip had might have been caused by a tiny bit getting stuck between her teeth. She now seems to be quite recovered so hope it was something as simply as that.I have a pair of bootee-type slippers that have a couple of pompoms hanging from each one and have, until now, managed to keep them from mischievous mouths. However, I was in the living room the other morning when I spotted a blue pompom in the middle of the floor (the slippers were upstairs) - perhaps it just fell off, you may ask, until I tell you that when I picked it up it was soggy and covered in dog slobber! Still don't know which one did it though although I rather suspect Hugo - every time I wear them I can feel him right behind me trying to catch them as I walk.

Friday night is Chinese take away night in our household and last night was no exception. Toby had tried the Pork Satay but, not being keen on the peppers, onions and chillies, had picked out the bits he did like and left the rest in the container. As the dishwasher was full a few bits, including the Chinese take away containers, were left on the top ready to go in this morning. We went up to bed and Hugo settled down on his duvet at the end of our bed while Miss Pip stayed downstairs having a drink of water. We suddenly heard a noise and knew instantly what it was! We called for Pip to come up and in she came up, all wriggling and excited and jumped up on the bed between us rolling over, trying to lick us - absolutely no question as to what she had eaten as she was huff-huffing her Pork Satay breath all over us! Not a scrap of anything was left so hope the onions and chillies don't have an adverse effect - so far so good so think all is OK!