Saturday, 20 April 2013

A lover not a fighter!

Enjoying the warmer weather

Pip is now pretty much over her operation, apart from still being naked underneath - we did notice this morning that the hair is just starting to grow back. Toby took her back to the vet last week for her last post op. check up and they were really pleased with her - Toby even managed to get her to lie down and roll over for the nice lady vet to look at her scar! She still howled and barked while she was waiting though. I asked for her to be weighed again as I felt she had lost some weight and was quite lethargic - in the few days since her operation she had gone down from 27kg to 26.1kg which rather concerned us. However, this week has seen a marked improvement and she has been gambolling round the garden, jumping over the top of Hugo who seems quite bemused by her antics. The patio outside our back door is a couple of steps down from the lawn-that-used-to-be and the other evening she was hurtling up the garden, round the decking and charged back down where I was standing, taking a flying leap at me, skidding to a halt - not much wrong with her I think!!

The other evening Daniel and I took Hugo and Pip along the canal but I took Pip back home with me so Hugo could benefit from a longer walk. Daniel wanted Hugo to meet his friends new rescue dog called Bret who is one year old and something like a greyhound cross bull terrier - they knew from his history that he was a hunting dog and had killed several foxes but wanted to see what he was like with other dogs. Unfortunately, Hugo is the same colour as a fox and, well, with that tail, what was Bret to think - he leapt straight for Hugo's throat! Fortunately, Daniel managed to grab Bret before any damage was done and they were kept apart for the remainder of the visit. We were actually very pleased by Hugo's reaction because normally, when Pip is around, he will give a warning growl if another dog comes near and we did not know how he would react if one attacked him and this is the first one that has. Hugo did not bite back and actually went and hid behind Daniel's friend so think he's a lover rather than a fighter- perhaps it would have been different if 
Hugo, you're not allowed up there!
Pip had been there to defend.

This morning Hugo once more proved his love of the ladies. Martin took him and Pip for their usual walk and had to stop and talk to Pepsi, a lovely Boxer, who lives a few doors away from us - Hugo and Pip love her and drag whoever is walking them over to Pepsi's garden if she is out there. While they were there both the Postman and a man from Network Rail walked by and Pepsi started barking at them. Straight away Hugo put himself between the men and his ladies, as if to protect them - what a gentleman (actually, more likely that he thought he would get any treats going first!)

Pip enjoying the sunshine and chasing a beetle on the lawn-that-used-to-be.