Saturday, 6 April 2013

Taking it Easy

We love each other now!

Martin with Hugo
Pip had to go back to the vet for a post op. check up yesterday so we took Hugo along too as she is less nervous when he is around. As we sat in the waiting room, once again, every time anyone came or went through there wearing a uniform Pip barked loudly at them and in between times, just for a bit of variety, she howled at the top of her voice. Very embarrassing! As I knew Pip would not be happy about the vet looking at her (even though it was the nice, young, Portuguese one) I had taken photographs of her scar for him to see and he was very pleased with her progress, although she continued to bark at him throughout the appointment. She didn't need much encouragement to leave there and was out and up the steps in a flash. One more check up to go next Friday and then she should be free - let's hope she doesn't have to go back for a long time.

Pip challenging the swans!
Over the last month or two Hugo and Pip have stopped the constant play-fighting and are actually beginning to lie down and sleep next to each other. Now, when I get up in the night, I have to manoeuvre my way over two sleeping bears who take up the entire width of the floor at the bottom of the bed. 

Hugo gets bored waiting when Dad talks to a neighbour!
Today was glorious sunshine and we made the most of it by spending several hours out in the garden enjoying the little bit of warmth in the sheltered spots. Hugo lay down in the shade whereas Miss Pip found the hottest bit of sunshine she could and revelled in it - think she is trying to suntan her bare bits to make them blend in with the rest of her!

Martin and I took Hugo and Pip a short walk along the canal this afternoon - we couldn't go too far as Pip is meant to be convalescing but you wouldn't have know it from the way she was jumping around and scrabbling up and down the banks. Apart from the extensive bikini wax she seems to be very much back to normal so really pleased how well she has come through the operation.