Monday, 29 October 2012

Big, brave, bone eating bears!

Now some of you might not believe this but not only do we not have double glazing, we don't have central heating in our house either! For the first time since May we actually put the gas fire on in the living room the other day and we realised it had not been on since we had had either Hugo or Pip so were interested to see what the reaction would be - and also whether we need to invest in a fire guard again! Hugo was so much like our old Sid it was unbelievable - he instantly removed himself as far from the fire as he could and lay down with a big sigh and started huffing and puffing. Miss Pip, on the other hand, lay out full length in front of it and soaked it up - not for the first time I suspect she is not all Akita!!

As mentioned before, we have put a barrier up in the garden to try and salvage some of the lawn that has now become a mud bath. Unfortunately, Pip can squeeze through, or can jump over, a couple of the obstacles and takes delight in running up and down on the inside of the barrier while Hugo runs up and down the other side - he is far too big to get through the gaps and has never shown any inclination to jump anything. To add insult to injury she takes great delight in going and drinking from the pond which is Hugo's preferred source of water.

On Friday, Daniel went and bought a couple of 'Jurassic' bones from the pet shop and they have kept them amused for the last three days - there has been the odd squabble and it's not very good when you tread on a bit of shattered bone when you get up in the night but they have thoroughly enjoyed them. Until, that is, Miss Pip carried several pieces over the barrier so Hugo couldn't get them - he was not amused and got his own back by burying a large chunk in his blanket! The living room carpet is now reminiscent of a scene from Time Team when they are digging in a church yard.

My parents came to visit on Friday and were introduced to Pip for the first time - Dad came prepared with some treats in his pocket but made the mistake of 'barking' back at her when she met him (she is always very vocal when she is excited). Every time he spoke or looked at her she woofed at him so hope she won't do this every time they meet.

Where's it all gone?
Not much of a view today!
Who goes there - friend or foe?!

Went up on Selsley Common the other day when it was shrouded in fog - really quite eerie up there, especially when a beagle came charging up over the hill barking at us. Hugo and Pip obviously could sense the change and were charging around, jumping over each other and generally being very skittish - they loved it when they startled a flock of birds and tried to dash after them, as far as their leads allowed.

It's that time of year again and the fireworks have started - there is always a large display on the first Monday of half term week about a mile from where we live and the bangs and crackles can be heard quite clearly so we were prepared for two frightened dogs. Sid was always terrified of them and would sit as close to you as he could, panting and dribbling until it was over - it was almost a blessing when he got hard of hearing in later life and they stopped worrying him. Hugo and Pip are made of sterner stuff - firstly, they were having their last trip in to the garden before going to bed the other night when a firework went off overhead. As they were busy chasing each other and creating their own thunder by running across the decking I just assumed they hadn't noticed as it wasn't the loudest firework. When the local display started they were both fast asleep in the living room and apart from opening one eye and stretching slightly at one particularly loud 'boom' they weren't bothered at all. Long may it last.

We got soaked tonight going for our walk up on the common - Hugo even let Toby dry him with a towel which is major progress. The wet and cold must have worn them out as they are both fast asleep and showing no interest in going out for a quick walk round the block before bed.