Tuesday, 16 October 2012

There's a huge monster on Selsley Common!

Only one cook book destroyed today, and fortunately one I don't use. Going to load all the books up into boxes tonight so should solve that problem.

The big scary monster!
Toby and I have just taken Hugo and Pip up on Selsley Common - beautiful up there today, sun shining, although a bit cold where the wind blows up from the River Severn. We had already encountered a couple of dogs without too much fuss when Hugo suddenly stops dead and actually growls and woofs very deeply (he is not particularly vocal at the best of times) so prepared for something major to happen. Was another dog approaching? No, not a soul in sight. Was there a cow? No, they were on the other side of the hill. Was there a hang glider taking off? No, absolutely nothing. Then realised what it was - the Cotswold Way marker post!!! Stupid dog - I had to go and pat it and make fuss of it so he could see it was a friend! Just glad there was no one around to see it.