Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fish, chips and destruction!

Sweetness & Light!

One disgusting thing that happened on Tuesday - we have a pond in our garden which is well established with various fish  - some quite big. I noticed the other day that one was floating on the surface but it was the far side of the pond where I could not reach, it was chucking it down with rain and then I forgot about it. Toby was in the living room and he suddenly noticed an awful smell. Yes, you've guessed, Hugo was sitting there eating a big, partially rotted fish - what a delicious tasty treat that was!!!

Pip's a bit of a madam and will destroy anything and everything she can get hold off - I changed our bed (again it was last Tuesday) and she managed to eat a hole in the duvet before I could get the clean cover on. Then when Toby came to pick me up from work they ripped to shreds a cardboard box complete with all its packing chips so you can imagine the mess that made. Amongst the mess was my pastry brush (one of those silicone ones which was totally denuded with bits of red strips all over the kitchen floor! The only good thing is that neither of them seems inclined to swallow any of the bits.

The lawn is no more!
Our once lush and green lawn is now like a mud bath where Hugo and Pip are constantly chasing each other and we are seriously thinking of sectioning off parts of the garden in rotation so it can recover. The water features, now empty for the winter, have been knocked flying and the remaining few plants in pots have been pulled out!

At 2.45am Saturday morning I was awoken by Pip howling very loadly for quite a long time – a proper wail. I shot out of bed, as did Hugo to see whatever the matter was. Miss Pip was still asleep and was surprised with all the fuss so she must have been sleep-howling! Good old Hugo lay down next to her as if to protect her. Quite funny really because when I put my head out the window on the way back to bed I could hear dogs all over the estate barking – she had set the whole lot off!

Yesterday we got up early, did the housework (well, dusted & hovered downstairs) and then went to town for a couple of hours – both boys were also out. When we were nearly home I had a phone call from Toby to warn us of what was about to greet us but it was far worse than we could have imagined. The whole of the kitchen floor was strewn with chewed up cookery books and magazines! We had thought the reason they had attached the books before was because they were on a corner unit and they had been knocked off as the dogs brushed by but, no, the books they had selected were from the middle of the top shelf and the remaining ones around it were untouched.  Unfortunately, this time they have destroyed two of my favourites so I was not amused and  I’m afraid I smacked them both as well as shouting loudly (actually it hurt my hand more than them but they ran off into the garden and didn’t come in for a while). Hugo then spent the next hour or so trying to creep round us telling us how sorry he was and generally trying to let us know ‘it wasn’t him’. Miss Pip on the other hand sat underneath a scaffolding ladder on the decking and stayed well away – pretty sure she was the main culprit and she was very subdued for the rest of the day. Only time will tell if she has learned a lesson.

Woke us this morning to find there had been quite a harsh frost – Hugo spent some time licking the ice crystals off the decking! Goodness knows what he would do with snow.