Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Birds and the Bees (well flies actually!)

Don't know whether it was because there was a bit of a mist before the sun burned it off but both Hugo and Pip, but mostly Pip, went completely loopy this morning. Charging round the garden, on and off the decking, in through the house, back out again. Hugo quickly got tired and just stood in the middle of the garden with Pip whirling round him. He wasn't THAT innocent though because every time she started to calm down he would go down on his front legs and jump at her to wind her up again!! All before 9 o'clock too.

Hugo thinking of the tasty treat he had missed earlier!
A bit later Toby suddenly called me downstairs - there was a bird in the kitchen and the dogs were going mad again! I opened the kitchen window, managed to get the dogs behind the child (or rather, dog) gate and Toby caught the poor little robin and got it out the window, unharmed. Hugo and Pip were non too pleased - they'd missed out on a tasty treat! Martin did comment later that he had wiped dog paw prints off the work surfaces where they had been jumping up.

It wasn't us!
This afternoon Martin & I were out the front doing bits on the cars (OK, Martin was doing, I was watching) and Hugo and Pip were howling inside the house - they knew we were out there and wanted to come out too. So, I opened my car door and let them out - they jumped straight in the back and were safely shut in, window open. Bad move. They weren't the only ones in the car - a big black buzzy fly was in there too. I don't know if it's just my two or if it is an Akita thing (Sid used to be exactly the same) but they absolutely hate flies - actually I think scared may be more accurate - they have to know where the horrible little creature is and the only way to be absolutely sure of that is to eat it. The back seat of a Fiat Punto and two Akitas does not leave much room so there was a lot of slipping and shaking and jumping going on in there and I began to fear for the wiring going to the rear windscreen heater. In the end I opened up the boot and let the fly out. Right, we can have a bit of peace now. WRONG! Pip decided to put her feet up on the back passenger shelf which immediately gave way beneath her and she was out the car and running round it in a flash! We got her back in quite easily but when the time came to pack up and we opened the door to get her out she was off again - little monkey. Hugo, who is normally as good as gold and goes back into the house without any fuss didn't like the shouting and dashing around and set off round the opposite side of the car to investigate and see where Miss Pip had got to. Two or three mad minutes which must have looked like something out of a cartoon and I went in and got 'dog bait', i.e. a couple of prawn crackers left from last nights Chinese take-away. Worked like a dream - being food obsessed has its compensations sometimes!