Thursday, 6 September 2012


My three babies together!
Last night Pip went into her crate as usual but when I went to shut the door I couldn't close the catches so just pushed it to as she was already lying down and ready for sleep. Hugo had already gone upstairs and when I got there he was lying on the bed with a chew in his mouth. Normally he will jump off after a few minutes but he seemed quite comfortable so we let him stay there and switched the light off. Then he started chewing - that horrible, graunchy, grinding, soggy noise of teeth scraping against leather that only another dog owner will understand. Fortunately, it didn't last too long but he then decided to try and bury it in the duvet! It was with much relief he jumped off the bed and lay in his usual position on the floor. Didn't realise until this morning that the chew was still on the bed - nasty, slimy thing!

Just before the alarm went off Hugo suddenly shot to the top of the stairs - yes, you have guessed it, Miss Pip had pushed open the door of her crate and was on her way up - the first time she has been upstairs! Unfortunately, the exitement was a bit too much for her and she had a little accident on the carpet!

Pip is really lovely first thing in the morning, really cuddly and wriggly and VERY vocal - reminds me of our old Collie-cross, Sam, who, thinking back also used to wee at the drop of a hat.

For a while Hugo has climbed up on the settee and will stay there for a few minutes before getting back off but Pip managed to get up tonight and cuddled up alongside me. Unfortunately, Hugo was not keen on this and tormented her until she got off - a bit of jealousy me thinks! He's back asleep again under my feet now and Pip has retired to her crate so pecking order resumed.