Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Getting to know each other.

Worn out chasing each other

Hugo & Pip have been getting to know each other over the last few days and have had some wild times chasing each other round the garden. Both end the day absolutely exhausted and we were beginning to worry they wouldn't calm down.

The last couple of day have been much better - still the same romping as usual but now they do their own thing as well - Hugo likes to come and lie down at my feet in the living room at night while Pip prefers to stay in the hall. She is a great guard dog and barks at the slightest movement even if it's us but she is getting to know who is coming in now so, hopefully, it will soon be just anyone new coming in. It's a bit of a pain having to creep around very quietly if you have to get up in the night otherwise the whole neighbourhood knows you've had a call of nature! Of course, as soon as Pip starts to bark Hugo is there like a flash and joins in with her - he never made a sound before!.
Team work!

It's funny when it gets to night time - Miss Pip takes herself off into her crate and is more than happy to stay the night there (night manoeuvres by us allowing) whilst Hugo comes upstairs and sleeps on the floor at the end of our bed still. We were quite surprised as we thought he would stay with her - perhaps he's not so much of a gentleman after all. She hasn't ventured up the stairs yet so it's still a safe zone for Hugo at the moment - and he does so love to look out the bedroom window at the world going by (cats, dogs and birds in particular!).

On Monday evening it suddenly went very quiet outside so I went out to investigate - it looked like a snow storm had taken place, there was white fluff everywhere. The pair of them had their noses buried deep in an old dog bed that Hugo sometimes used to lie on in the sun. They were ripping it to shreds and having a fine old time - only consultation was they were working very well together as a team!

Can't believe it's only four days since Pip arrived - it feels like she's been here for ages. Perhaps she's here to stay!