Saturday, 8 September 2012

Walk on Selsley Common

Pip looking towards home
Hugo & Pip enjoying the Common

Hugo spotted some cows!

We have just got back from taking Hugo and Pip on a nice walk round Selsley Common. I haven't been up there since we lost Sid so was a bit choked as we went round, especially when we got to the bench where we always sat that looks over to our house -  but it's such a lovely view up there you can't be sad for long and it looks as if Hugo and Pip will enjoy it just as much as Sid did. In all the times I used to take Sid up there I don't think I ever saw another Akita so it was lovely to see, coming over the hill some distance from us, a beautiful large white dog - so three bears were a-hunting on the Common today.

As I was taking photos I managed to drop Pip's lead and she was off in a flash with the extender lead bouncing along behind her - Martin had to rush after her and stand on the lead to stop her but she seemed to think it was all a game. Hugo loved all the new smells and the freedom of being on the extender lead - another dog came right up to us and he and Pip just stood there as good as gold until their owner collected him. Pip, I think, is going to be a hunter - most of the walk she spent with her nose to the ground tracking the scent of something (there are lots of rabbits up there) and when a bird took off in front of her she was very keen to get going after it!
What are those?!! 

I don't think Pip has ever met cows before and they came as something of a shock to her - she was very inclined to run off in the opposite direction but when Hugo, who is well used to them from his walks in the Meadows, started going towards them she barked her head off. It was as if she was telling him off for getting too close!

Making a hasty retreat back to the car
from the cows

They both behaved very well in the car on the way back home and Miss Pip lay down on the back seat, panting happily. They are now both flat out, having drunk a whole bowl of water between them. You would think they had walked a full scale marathon when, in actual fact, we probably only walked about half a mile but it's certainly worn them out!