Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rolling Over!

Hugo has never been much of a one for rolling over on his back and has never yet done so willingly so I was amazed to see him doing so when he was playing with Pip and I managed to catch them on film doing this - you have to watch a little way in before he rolls over and, sorry, the pictures are rather dark. He was actually letting her pin him down - if he wanted he could have easily shaken her off bearing in mind he is very much bigger than her and can get his mouth right round her neck. It may look fierce but Hugo was being quite gentle!

6.30am this morning saw the pair of them charging up the stairs, chasing each other along the landing, into the bedroom then back down the stairs and round again  - sounded like a herd of elephants!

Toby painted the front door today and now both Hugo and Pip have got nice blue streaks in their coats - how do they manage to do that when you never saw them going anywhere near the wet paint?!