Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just Good Friends!

We're not fighting really!
We're just good friends
Put Pip in her crate last night to go to bed and Hugo came upstairs as usual. Turned the lights out then the whining and barking started!

Martin went down and let Pip in to the garden in case she needed to go out and then struggled to get her back in the crate afterwards. He came back upstairs and we turned the lights out again. The whining and barking started again!

After about 10 minutes we gave in - Pip slept very happily, thank you very much, at the top of the stairs with Hugo on the landing. I know she didn't like being left downstairs on her own but her crate is lovely and comfortable with a big padded bed in there - Toby has been in it and says he could sleep in it! We suspect the day of the crate is coming to an end - sorry Kim it didn't take us long to undo your hard work!!