Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Shows, cars and fish food!

Making friends!

Toby and I took Hugo and Pip to the Family Fun Day & Dog show at Worcester Woods Country Park on Saturday and they were beautifully behaved and loved all the dogs and people they met. They were both really gently with children and were a great advert for the Akita Rescue and Welfare Trust who we had gone to support. They slept all the way back in the car and most of Sunday and Monday too - more shows please!!

Asleep in the car - worn out!
We have been taking them for walks up on Selsley Common and they are getting used to travelling in the back of my Fiat Punto to get there - not a lot of room for two bears and it makes reversing a bit tricky when you have a furry face in the way but it's perfect for these jaunts (if you don't mind a bit of slobber down your neck that is)! Yesterday after our walk we stopped off at Sainsbury's to get a couple of things so Toby stayed in the car with them. Everytime anyone walked by Pip barked at them so think the car is now her possession and she is 'on guard'! 

Pleased to meet you!
We are starting to leave Hugo and Pip at home on there own a bit more now and our next door neighbour says she hasn't heard them at all so it looks like having two little monsters is working well and Hugo is much happier. They do make a lot of mess though with the usual toy debris scattered everywhere and Miss Pip likes a good dig in the garden - fortunately it's in a place that doesn't matter so letting her get on with it.

Toby had the car today so he bought them to pick me up from work - the last time they came was when we had only had Pip a couple of days and she didn't particularly show much interest in me when she saw me. Today she was all over me, jumping up and licking me - it was lovely that she was so pleased to see me. Hugo, of course, is always happy for a cuddle when you see him.

We took them up to Uley Bury where the views were fantastic today and Hugo was very interested in the para-gliders taking off from the side of the hill - perhaps he thought they were big birds. Fortunately, it took his attention away from the fact there were loads of sheep in the same field. They met lots of new doggy friends all of which were snack sized treats but they were more than happy to meet and greet them all - most rolled over on their backs in submission but a black pug was a bit braver and barked at them before running off.

When we got home my neighbours asked if Hugo and Pip had been playing with a bottle in the garden as they had spotted them playing with what looked like one. On investigation it turned out to be the container of fish food pellets - it had been more than half full but is now completely empty with only a few brightly coloured crumbs remaining on the lawn - mmmm, delicious, what a nice fishy treat!! We did think one of them had a bit of a wind problem in the car, now we know why!