Saturday, 24 November 2012

Creature comforts

Had an hours lie in this morning till 7.30am until Hugo decides his routine has been disturbed and comes and lies in the middle of us on the bed. We also hear a rustling sound and guess Pip is up to mischief - the next thing we know is the toilet roll is on the bed as well!

We were all out for an hour or so today so we left Hugo and Pip in the kitchen behind the child gate with lots of toys, food, blankets etc. and they could go in the garden if they wanted. It was chucking it down with rain again while we were out but when we got back there was no sign of them inside anywhere which is very unusual as they are normally barking (Pip) and whining (Hugo) for attention and treats when we come in. Looked through the kitchen window and there they were, having a fine old time, chasing and boxing and rolling with each other round the garden - or rather, should I say, the mud patch! You can imagine the state of them and we had to leave them in the kitchen for a while so they would dry off before letting them in the living room.

I know it was a bit chilly today but Miss Pip has been very attached to the fire this afternoon - still amazes me that she gets so close and neither Hugo or Sid would go near it.