Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Helping clean

This morning Hugo bought the kitchen roll in to the living room and presented it to Martin - fortunately there was only a couple of sheets left on it and he was allowed to chew it up. Without any more thought I took a new roll out and put it back on the work surface in the kitchen,

Toby had to go out for a couple of hours so left Hugo and Pip in the kitchen with their blankets, toys, food, water, back door open and the radio on for company (it's a bit like a military operation when we are getting ready to go out and the dogs are staying at home!).

When Toby came back, yes, you've guessed it - kitchen roll EVERYWHERE! Through the kitchen, into the hall, in the outhouse and up the garden - it was if it had been snowing!

Tonight as I was tidying up Hugo thought it would be fun to have a game of Tug with me and the duster - very helpful!

Please note - we are in the middle of putting
a new kitchen in which is why the one door is
 missing and the lino is down to what was there
when  we moved in  27 years ago!
It wasn't us!!