Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We love each other really!

Toby wasn't well today so rather than me trying to manage both Hugo and Pip on a long walk on my own I thought I would take them one at a time on a shorter one. Normally they are quite jealous of each other and as soon as you make a fuss of one the other pushes in so I thought they would enjoy the individual attention for a change.

I took Hugo first and although he walked much better than usual without pulling too much (no competition from Pip to be first all the time) he kept looking back over his shoulder, winging and whining for the whole walk. When I got back I switched them over and took Pip. She was quite skittish when she was walking although she hardly pulled at all BUT ....... she winged and whined, looking back over her shoulder for the whole walk!!

When we got back I asked Toby how they had been when they were left behind. Pip had stood behind the front door crying and Hugo had kept running up and down the stairs till we were back. 

Talk about separation anxiety!Think they are fonder of each other than they would care to admit.